DayDreamOsaurus- Hot off the press!

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Hey Everyone!

Take a look at this…This is a children’s book I have been working on for about two years.  It’s all about a child’s daydream adventures with six favorite dinosaurs; hence, the name – DayDreamOSaurus.  This pic is taken with the illustrator and design artist, Kristin Cater, and her little boy.  The book is literally hot off the press as of Christmas week.  Please check out to read more about the book.  (You can find a brief summary on the website under the section A note from the author…)  A very unique feature – the book can be personalized according to a child’s name and appearance.  For now, the book is available online and at various book fairs at schools.  Look for a feature article on the book in the February edition of SB Magazine.  Woo Hoo!