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Trusting the Detours: A Spiritual Guide for College Students is just that – a guide for students who are either enrolled in college or heading to college.  The book is small and unpretentious in appearance – purposely designed to resemble a spiral notebook and to be non-gender specific.  The book is 48 pages long and provides fifteen meditations that are appropriate to issues that young people face today.  The meditations are intended to correlate with fifteen weeks of instruction time typically provided in a college semester. The topics range from issues such as “Your Friends…” to “A Work in Progress.”  The book is unique in that each meditation is accompanied by a course of action to follow during the week – a way to live out the message of the meditation.  Each meditation also includes a Bettyism and a scripture verse for further reflection.  Extra pages are provided for taking notes or adding comments to a particular meditation.  The meditations are inspired by Bettye’s words of wisdom that she provides to young people in her community and that she has offered to the young people in our family throughout the years.  The reflections are presented as if Bettye is speaking directly to the individual reading the book.  Those of us who put the book together are all realistic enough to know that most kids are not going to sit down and eagerly devour the material.  But, our hope is that this book will be the guide that a young person will reach for when in need of hope or encouragement or guidance.  A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Caddo-Bossier Cancer Foundation League and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.