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The Way of the Cross: Meditations of a Cancer Survivor correlates the journey of a cancer patient (or anyone who is facing a trial in his or her life) with the journey that Jesus took on the road to Calvary.  The meditations in the book follow the format of the Stations of the Cross.  If you are familiar with the Stations of the Cross, you know that there are fourteen stations, beginning with “Jesus is Condemned” and ending with “The Body of Jesus is Placed in the Tomb.”  (The book provides an explanation of the devotion of the Stations of the Cross prior to the meditations.)  Often, as is the case in this book, a fifteenth meditation is added to include a reflection on “The Resurrection” or the victorious part of the journey.  The book is paperback and 35 pages in length.  Each station or meditation is accompanied by a symbolic photograph which assists with the meditation.  The photographs in this book range from nature scenes in Shreveport, Louisiana, to locations such as Pompeii, Italy. The book came about after Bettye and I had spent numerous hours at the cancer center.  We were both struck by the fact that the journey of a cancer patient resembled the journey of Jesus on the road to Calvary. For example, after you receive a diagnosis, you begin to take the steps toward facing the disease.  Sometimes there are setbacks, sometimes things are difficult.  But, you will have helpers placed along the way to make the journey manageable.  The ultimate message of the book is that you are not traveling this road alone.  The meditations in the book are written from the perspective of a cancer patient, but the book is appropriate for anyone who is facing a trial or struggle of some type.  A portion of the proceeds from the book are donated to the Caddo-Bossier Cancer Foundation League and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.