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Children Pray the Luminous Mysteries is a CD that I originally produced with the assistance of St. Joseph Church Circle 18 group in the year 2005. The purpose of the CD was to seek prayers for a little girl who had been diagnosed with infantile scoliosis and to raise funds for other children who might need assistance in traveling for medical procedures.  I wrote the script for the meditations from a rather unique perspective: as if reading the journal or diary of Our Blessed Mother.  Thus, the contemplative mysteries are presented through Mary’s eyes.   The CD is also unique in that the children praying each decade of the rosary were children who received their First Communion that year.  The St. Joseph Middle School Choir is featured on the CD with a couple of musical presentations.  The recording was professionally produced by JM Productions in Shreveport, Louisiana, so the audio quality is exceptional.  With the assistance of JM Productions, I reproduced the CD in 2015 upon the tenth anniversary of The Year of the Eucharis.  This CD makes a great gift for children receiving their First Communion or for RCIA candidates who wish to have an understanding of how to pray the rosary.  It’s also a great tool for anyone who wishes to have a recording to assist with contemplative prayer of the rosary.  A portion of the proceeds from this CD will be donated to the Circle 18 St. Joseph Children’s Fund.  (And, as an update on the little girl:  She is a beautiful little girl, inside and out, exceptionally bright and talented.  She continues to face her health issues with courage and persistence, so keep those prayers going!)  Special thanks to music director, Michael Kenney.

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