img_1330For years I have formulated in my mind the books that I plan to write in the future.  As a psychologist and a mother of four, I had always assumed my first book would be related to parenting issues and behavior management techniques.  But, as time passed and my children and their friends and my friends faced obstacles other than issues such as keeping bedrooms picked up and memorizing multiplication tables, I began to recognize the importance of approaching more serious types of problems from within a spiritual perspective.   I assumed, by this point, that my first book would be related to incorporating spirituality and aspects of positive psychology.  In fact, I am currently working on a book that applies spiritual techniques toward managing anxiety, a book designed for the “every day” person to apply toward overcoming this debilitating condition.

But before I had written many pages for that book, God took me on a different journey – a journey side by side with a woman facing Stage IV breast cancer.  And that individual, “Miss Bettye,” has taught me more than I learned in most of my psychology courses.  She has taught me about the importance of faith, optimism, attitude, and the power of prayer.  As I walk on this journey with Bettye, I am convinced that she has many words of wisdom that can help others.  It is important to get her message out there – now – because her story can provide hope and inspiration to many.  My books as related to spirituality and psychology will come later…

My husband, Tim, also believes in the importance of the words and the message that of Bettye’s approach to life.  And so, together, we have founded a business entity:  Bright Corner Books.  The products that are promoted through this business will be bright, hopeful, uplifting, positive, and generally spiritual in nature.  Perhaps you are wondering how we settled upon the name for the company?  It’s based upon one of our favorite Bettyisms:  “Brighten the Corner Where you are…”  What a wonderful guideline to follow in daily life!  If you are curious about the term “Bettyism,” click on the Bettyism explanation section for more information.  And, enjoy the simple but powerful messages of these books.

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